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Stay-at-home moms may become extinct!

I was watching the evening news last night and the anchor was talking about (what other than) the sticker shock we are facing for gas and groceries. We all are seeing how expensive it is to fill up our vehicles and it seems to burn faster than ever! Then they talked about corn. I guess I never realized just how much corn is so much a part of virtually everything we eat and drink with the exception of fresh fruit and vegetables. Corn is used in the form of corn syrup as a sweetener... corn is fed to the chickens that lay eggs than we cook and bake with...corn is fed to the cows that produce the milk we pay 4 bucks a gallon for... many products contain corn (snacks, cereal, etc...) and then there is ethanol . It is said that gas will most likely go up to $4 a gallon this Summer. Looks like no relief anytime soon. I know that I continue to shop according to sales and combining coupons to help cut back. I even shop 2-3 grocery stores (all located next to each other) to stretch my dollars. I know it is hard for working people to do that. Speaking of which, if these costs stay this way for years to come, does this mean the stay-at-home mom will have to go find a job outside of the home to help support their family? What do you think?

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  1. I'm a stay-at-home-mom.. sort of. My husband is the main bread winner. He does his 8am-4pm job. Then when he gets home, I have a part time job not far from our house. It's something that just can't happen. Most stay at home moms can't get full time jobs because they won't make any money due to childcare costs. So until the children go to school, my husband and I are a tag team. I swear sometimes it feels like, I walk out, the same time he walks in and our only interaction is the Hi-5 on the in or out!


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