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Husbands can be right once in their life

Hello friends! Today I have been a very, very bad wife. I was vacuuming this morning as my fabulous, hunky, handsome husband watched. I was going toward the speaker cord when he told me to be careful before I vacuum it. I told him, "I see it and this old vacuum would not have had enough power to suck it up anyway". So on went the vacuuming when again my fabulous, hunky, handsome husband noticed I was almost about to run over the vacuum cord. This time I did in fact run over it (by accident, I swear!). Let's just say that the cord is now tangled on the brush part and it is shredded like mulch! OOOPPPS! If you could have seen the look I got....I am still scared! LOL!! I asked him if he was mad but he insisted he was not. The bad part is I keep getting the "I told you so" because I completely swore the vacuum was not suctioning properly. Now I am out of a vacuum and I was wrong for one of the very few times of my life! Not a good day :(


  1. You would do well if you remind your fabulous, handsome, hunky husband he was right (even if, under your breath, you're whispering "for once in your life"). Give his ego some strokes.

  2. for me it's not about rubbing it in, the "i told you so" is not something i even care about...however, it is nice to know that others CAN be wrong and DO make mistakes, and by admitting them, can come out further ahead then before they made the mistake in the first place...

    - Jon
    - Daddy Detective

  3. Oops! :)

    I'm sure he's going to post about this and if he says anything about "I told you so" I'll put him on blast about giving you a hard time! LOL

    OMG that is tooo funny.

    p.s. i'm with Daddy D on this one too!

  4. If I was hubby I would replace the vacuum cord instead of replacing that old vacuum!(hehehe) At least until I got sick of using it (argh).


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