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Family Finances Update

Hello Everyone,

I received a few emails about my
recommendation. It is important that I mention a few facts.

  1. This is a Free program to join and it is designed to help families save money for college education. It will also help those that have Sallie-Mae student loans decrease their balance.

  2. To sign up you must enter a grocery card, debit card , or credit card at time of signing up.

  3. When you shop at different locations, money will be credited to your child's account if the product you buy is a sponsored partner of

Example Yesterday we had to purchase

  • Tylenol Allergy due to the allergies that run crazy in our home. We used our debit card that we have registered with .By using that particular debit card, 2% of our purchase price will be credited to our college saving account.

  • I grabbed some Bic Razors and we had 3% of the purchase price credited to our account.

  • Last stop, Pep Boys Auto where I purchase items to clean the car like tire shine, car wash, car deodorizer, etc.. and had 2 % credited.

See how easy it is to accumulate? 2% here and 3% there can really add up. Just by doing my normal shopping. This is like FREE MONEY! I am now having my mom and father join. Then I am going after the in-laws, aunts, uncles, pretty soon I'll have the whole family reunion contributing to my kids college education. Hey, every little bit helps.


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  1. I registered with upromise back in 2002. So far, I've been able to invest over $400 in money accumulated from routine purchases. I highly recommend it. Ismail "the Great" is right - it is, indeed, FREE MONEY.


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