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Glamour gone WILD~!

I was recently channel flipping on cable tv and just when I thought television was complete crap these days, I was proven right. There is this show on VH1 called Little Beauties: Ultimate Kiddie Queen Showdown. I did not watch the whole thing cause it was plain ridiculous. What are these parents thinking by putting little 6 year old girls through hell by dressing them in 2 thousand dollar gowns, caking their baby-soft skin with clown make-up, and making the bee-hive style make a comeback?!!! All for money! Even the little girls were saying that they hope to win money. They are being aged before their time because of greed. Sorry folks, good looks do not last forever! Poor little girls.


  1. i've never like shows like that!

    the most horrible show i saw once where the mom was yelling at the daughter to get her act together, etc..

    it was sad! sad! sad!

  2. I saw that show and I can't agree with you more. I have two teenage daughters and save for a little lip gloss THEY don't even wear makeup like those little girls do. I think their parents SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!

  3. I saw that show and I agree with you. I know adults (myself included) who have never been exposed to as much makeup as some of those little girls have.

    I think their parents should be ashamed!

  4. I feel so bad for those poor little girls. Definitely sad to be exposed to makeup and competition focused on looks so early.

  5. What a shame. These poor girls obviously aren't the ones who benefit from this behavior. Talk about forcing kids to grow up WAY before their time!

  6. I don't understand why these moms and dads would want their kids to grow up soo quickly!! Don't they remember what happened to JonBenet???


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