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7 Ways To Update Your Outdated Living Room

If you’re growing increasingly bored with your surroundings but aren’t prepared to part with a small fortune to renovate your home, simply upgrading certain rooms is often enough to transform your space. With this, there’s a good chance that you spend most of your time at home relaxing in your living room, so this is a great place to start your makeover project. 

With these practical tips, you can instantly freshen up your outdated living room. 

Clear Out Clutter

But before you can start shopping around for new furnishings or decorative details, it’s best to start with a clean space. Declutter your living room to get rid of all the excess items. As soon as you have contained all the unnecessary clutter that’s cramping up the space, you will be able to identify whether or not you need additional storage solutions in your living room. 

Large bookshelves and ottoman boxes are great storage ideas to consider. Moreover, a storage sofa or a multifunctional coffee table are wise investments for smaller living rooms.

Replace Coffee And Cocktail Tables

While your coffee table should grab attention as the room’s centerpiece, luxury cocktail tables that echo certain colors or finishes can have a similar impact. With this, you can bring various elements together by matching them to your choice of coffee and cocktail tables. Simply updating the tables in your living room can transform the interior appeal of the room by tying decor details together. 

Repaint The Walls 

A fresh coat of quality paint is another quick way to transform your living room. If your living room walls are currently white or cream, you could consider a neutral palette with muted undertones to uphold luxury interiors. Otherwise, you can try repainting one wall in a bold jewel-tone color to create an accent wall. 

When choosing the paint palette for your living room upgrade, it’s wise to use the same palette throughout your home. This way, your interior style will flow from one room to the next. 

Upgrade The Flooring

If your living room floors are currently covered up with dusty old carpeting, installing hardwood flooring can make a huge difference to property value, the overall appeal of your living room, and even your sinuses. 

Replacing the flooring is not the most pocket-friendly undertaking, although you can boost property value substantially if you decide to upgrade the flooring throughout your home. Even so, you can replace the flooring one room at a time to afford the expense with a bit less financial stress.

Invest In The Perfect Sofa

While the coffee table should act as the centerpiece of the room, the sofa is usually the main attraction. Beyond that, a living room simply is not complete without the right seating. But when shopping for the perfect sofa, you must consider more than aesthetic appeal; your lifestyle, living room size, comfort preferences, and budget are other critical factors to consider. 

Your lifestyle will determine whether you need a sofa that’s easy to clean, multifunctional, or comfortable enough for movie nights, while a furniture size guide will help you find a sofa that fits perfectly. Nevertheless, only investing in a new sofa can change the entire atmosphere of your living room. 

Replace The Art

Unless you have invested in prolific timeless art pieces, there’s no reason you can’t switch up the art that adorns your living room walls. There are also no real rules when it comes to choosing a style of art. However, it is wise to consider the size and dimensions of canvases or frames to prevent your art selection from clashing with interior design principles.

Bigger is always better when scaling art; many small art pieces can easily create visual clutter. It’s also vital to place canvases and frames at the right height. 

Change Up The Decorative Details

If you are looking for a way to give your living room a makeover on a budget, only decluttering and changing the decor details can transform the space. Shop for new scatter cushions, throws, candle holders, and other decorative touches, and store away or sell your old items. At the same time, it’s still worthwhile to change the decorative details if your living room makeover is not as restricted by your budget. 

Upgrading your living room is a great way to upgrade your everyday comfort. Whether you decide to change the sofa and invest in new art, repaint the walls, or replace the flooring, it’s important to create a budget for your living room makeover before you start shopping around for upgrades that can transform your home. 

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