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The Jonas Brothers + The Children’s Place Launch Best School Day Ever Campaign

In the face of recent budget cuts affecting school districts nationwide, the global music superstars The Jonas Brothers, and the largest pure-play children’s specialty retailer in North America, The Children’s Place, are teaming up to help a school near you. This transformative campaign which starts today and ends July 30th, is not only about monetary support; it’s about igniting change. The Jonas Brothers and The Children’s Place will be hosting their Best School Day Ever campaign, which will gift one lucky school a $100,000 grant to be used for the betterment of their school. Moreover, the chosen school will have the exclusive opportunity to attend a private Jonas Brothers concert at a secret location in August in New Jersey.  

This campaign will not only bring a smile to your face but will make a significant difference to a deserving school. As fathers themselves, The Jonas Brothers are committed to enriching children’s educational journeys and fostering a community spirit. Along with the dedication of the ultimate #gilrdads, The Jonas Brothers and The Children’s Place are also firmly committed to the betterment of children everywhere. This sentiment is echoed by the brand’s initiative last year by opening three research-based learning centers across the country, an incredible stride in tackling the current state of underfunded public schools. 

The deadline to submit applications for this impactful grant ends on July 30. We're calling all parents with children in grades K-8. If your child is enrolled in a non-tuition-based school for the 2023-2024 academic year, we encourage you to nominate their school. To do so, simply visit The Children’s Place mobile app, where official contest rules and the brands’ newest back-to-school product collections, including expressive and empowering t-shirts, fun backpacks, colorful polos, on-trend denim, footwear, and more, can be purchased. 

This campaign features the three brothers giving a first-day-of-school pep talk to Kevin’s oldest daughter, Alena. The video includes the brand’s newest Back-to-School collection and is designed to inspire kids to look and feel their best for their first day of school and beyond. The upbeat video features daydream sequences of Alena’s ‘Best School Day Ever,’ which concludes with a musical performance of the Jonas Brothers’ latest single, “Celebrate!”

“Providing for a better tomorrow for children is what it’s all about. Kids can change the world, and being able to support them and their school communities with this $100,000 prize… we feel a lot of gratitude to join The Children’s Place on their mission to give back and inspire the next generation of learners to chase their dreams,” said Joe Jonas. 

Contest Details:

In addition to the 2023 Best School Day Ever Contest, The Children’s Place will continue to scale its national program of revitalizing public spaces in local communities as Learning Centers by launching three additional learning center locations throughout 2023. Working collaboratively with local libraries and community centers, The Children’s Place Learning Centers will each feature thousands of books, school supplies, and educational toys. Each space will feature comfortable seating arrangements, interactive chalkboard walls, and empowering wall murals and artwork. It will serve as a safe haven where children in each community can access reading materials and learning supplies while allowing themselves to thrive in imagining.

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