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6 Signs You Might Have PTSD

The majority of people experience at least one traumatic event during their lifetime. Trauma affects everyone differently. When you hear the term post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, what do you think of? It is most commonly associated with military veterans. However, anyone can develop PTSD after a terrible event that they have trouble processing. The event could be anything from a car crash or abusive relationship to the death of a friend. The first step to getting help with the disorder is becoming familiar with the symptoms. 

Traumatic Flashbacks

Flashbacks and lingering thoughts of the trauma are signs you might be suffering from PTSD. In extreme cases, your flashbacks may be so vivid that they seem to pull you out of reality. Less intense intrusive thoughts may also occur. If you frequently find yourself anxious and stressed from unwelcome memories, you may have a disorder. Places like Rey Health can help you get to the bottom of these instances.

Changes in Emotions

Traumatic events obviously have an impact on your emotional state, but sometimes that effect lingers in unusual ways. Have you noticed that your distress is fading into numbness? When your brain becomes overwhelmed, you can enter a period where you do not feel much of anything. If you have been in that state for an extended amount of time, there might be an issue.

Being Overly Vigilant

Many who suffer trauma become more aware of risk factors around them. You may even become hypervigilant. Hypervigilance means that you are mentally on edge. That results in mental stress and physical jumpiness. Some aren't conscious of the change, so don't be afraid to talk to a trusted friend or family member about any differences that they've seen.

Increase in Nightmares

The thoughts that plague your mind during the day can present as recurring nightmares. You can have unpleasant dreams night after night that center around the traumatic event which you endured. Be especially aware of this symptom if it starts to interfere with your sleeping patterns. 

Trouble Concentrating

There are many reasons people have a hard time concentrating. You should consider what is causing your trouble. Is your mind wandering back to the event? Are you trying to distract yourself from sadness? Have bad dreams led to sleepiness? A lot of people with PTSD note that their concentration is impaired.

Facing Triggers

The word trigger is used in a variety of ways. If you have post-traumatic stress disorder, you may be all too familiar with the definition of emotional trigger. No matter how small they are, certain connections to your trauma can quickly send you into a downward spiral. You may find that there are places, people, shows, objects, or even holidays that affect you differently. Your triggers can lead to intense depression or panic attacks.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is more widespread than you may expect. If you identified with any of the signs of PTSD, be sure not to isolate, blame yourself, or become reckless. There is help available to those who seek it.

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