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Take Advantage of Online Tools for Your Home Projects

Since COVID hit a year ago, so many things have changed tremendously. The days of walking into a store or showroom look a lot different now. You see everyone wearing a mask and following distancing guidelines. Some businesses have moved to an online model to supply their customers with products and services. I have seen many of my realtor friends offer virtual house tours. It's actually pretty neat if you are crunched for time and can't get to a property on time. I have even seen some people do them as a Facebook or Instagram Live. This gives a lot of flexibility to potential buyers, since you can view a video on your time. 

If you are looking into purchasing or refinancing a home, now is the time. The interest rates have been super low since COVID hit. We definitely took advantage of it, and did a refinance recently. Our entire refi was done completely online with the exception of the closing where signatures were required. This is especially a good time for first-time home buyers to take advantage of the lower interest rates. There are even special incentives like no money down, or reduced interest rates for part of the term of the loan. I read an article that mentioned despite living in this pandemic, credit scores are rising. Whether you are looking to purchase your first house, a second home, or upgrading what you already have, try applying online for a mortgage and see how much you can qualify for, and what programs might be out there to suit your specific needs. Knowing what you can afford is key. 

One great thing about if you do refinance and are eligible to get some cash out, you can finally do those long awaited upgrades that have been sitting on your to-do list. This is my current situation that I am working on with my family. We are now trying to pick out items for an upcoming kitchen remodel. So far we know that we want white cabinets and lighter counter tops, since our flooring will be a deep brown wood color. I am one of those weirdos who prefers white appliances because I find them easier to keep clean. Stainless steel is the popular finish, but I can't get past the look of fingerprints and smudges. I won't completely rule it out if we can get a good deal on appliances. Unfortunately that is as far as we have gotten in the planning stages of the kitchen project. We still have to agree on a sink, faucet, hardware finishes, paint color and about a bajillion other details. 

It feels like a huge chore, but I am so thankful that we can view everything online, and only go into the store if it's necessary. So while a lot of things have changed since COVID, there are lots of good things that have come out of it. For those who don't like leaving home if you don't have to, all you need to do is click, pay and wait for your delivery. Hey, it works for me! Are you planning any spring home projects? 

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