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Types of Insurance You Should Buy

Life can take a turn you were less than prepared for. When you get sick or have something happen to your house or car, it can leave you in a great deal of debt. Insurance can handle these costs for you or make the payment of them more manageable for your family. Here are a few types you should consider purchasing. 

Car Insurance

Auto insurance is required by many states when you are behind the wheel at any time. This will protect you, your passengers, and your assets if you are ever in a car accident. It will also cover your automobile if it is stolen or if it is damaged by vandalism or weather. There are various types of plans that you can purchase depending on the age of your vehicle, whether you have a loan on it with the bank, and if your area requires certain coverages such as personal injury protection. 

The amount you will pay a month can fluctuate depending on your age, the members of your family, and the type of car you drive. Contact several agencies near you to ask for a quote then select the one that works in your budget and has the coverage that you need. Once you have your insurance card from your agent, place it somewhere safe in your vehicle like your glove compartment so that it is easily accessible when you need to get to it. 

Home Insurance

Whether you own your place or rent it, you need to purchase homeowner or renter’s insurance. If you lease an apartment, it can be a requirement to live there. This policy will repair your house and the items inside it if they are damaged by weather, a fire, a broken pipe inside the structure, or any malfunction that can cause problems for you. It will replace your possessions if they are stolen.  It will also take care of the expenses for someone who is injured on your property. 

If you live in an area where certain acts of nature can destroy buildings, such as floods or hurricanes, you can invest in additional plans along with your home insurance to protect you from these events. 

Health Insurance

Medical expenses can become expensive very quickly. Health insurance can absorb most of that cost in the event you or someone in your family falls sick or gets injured and must seek the care of a doctor or be admitted into the hospital. There is usually a deductible you must pay on the bill then your coverage will take care of the rest. 

Many policies will also offer dental and vision to you as well. Ask your employer if they offer health insurance to you and what you must do to qualify for it. There are many programs that can help you get low-cost medical coverage. Be aware of what your deductible is before you see the doctor and check to see if your policy covers any pre-existing conditions that you had before you signed up for it. 



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