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How To Prevent Accidents In Your Home

Since we spend most of our time at home, it stands to reason that we are prone to having an accident there. It’s simply a numbers game. From slips and falls to burns to just about any other injury you can imagine, our home is where it is most likely to happen.

As they say, prevention is the best medicine, so rather than just have a first aid kit ready for an injury, it’s best to try to avoid the accident to begin with. It’s easier said than done, of course, but with the right idea you can make your house an injury free zone.

In this article, I will give you several ideas on just how to keep your home safe from injury.
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1 - Keep a safe pool

Homes with pools are especially prone to injuries and they can be quite serious. If you have a pool then you need to pay particular attention to safety and have some protocols in place to make sure everybody knows how to stay protected.

The first line of defense is to have a fence around the pool that has a lock on the gate. This way kids or dogs can’t wander in and get into trouble by falling into a pool. You can research more at pool safety melbourne for details about pool fencing options and to better understand what safety features might be necessary for your home. This is actually required in some municipalities if you plan to have a pool anyway.

It’s a good idea to have a camera in the pool area so you can monitor what is happening there so there are no surprises. A home automation system will have motion detecting cameras that turn on when something comes into frame. Then you’re alerted on your device so you can watch remotely.

Then, have a non-slip surface on the deck area around the pool so there are no slip and falls that could be really bad. Also, make sure that you have signs for no diving and other types of rough activity that can result in an injury.

2 - Have fire extinguishers

It is a good idea to have several fire extinguishers around the house. Fires are very common and not just in the kitchen. Of course, it makes sense to have one within reach in the kitchen in case of a grease fire. But, you should also have one in the laundry room where fires can happen from lint build up in the dryer exhaust.

In fact, make sure that you are cleaning out your dryer exhaust occasionally so it is less likely to happen.

Then, keep some others scattered around as you never know where a fire can break out in the house. If you have a barbecue area in your garden, then this is another location that should definitely have a fire extinguisher.
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3 - Keep appliances maintained

Some appliances like the dryer being dirty with lint as was already mentioned can be quite dangerous if they are not maintained. Especially appliances that get hot like a water boiler or heater.

If your water heater is overheating, then this could spell danger in two ways. One is that it can send scalding hot water to your fixtures that can burn you. And, young children are susceptible to burns from hot water with their sensitive skin.

Secondly, they can explode or cause fires if they overheat. Sometimes it’s the electrical work that is old on these older water heaters that can cause fires, as well.

Make sure that you are having your appliances inspected and serviced on time so that way at the first sign of danger, you can have it fixed or replaced. If you have old appliances then this is a good time to replace them with something more efficient and even safer.


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