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Great Advice for Brand-New Moms

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Last week, after being pregnant for nine long months, you delivered the most beautiful baby you’ve ever seen.

First of all, major congratulations are in order here. Becoming a mommy is something to celebrate, and your precious infant will change your life in many marvelous ways.

Second, let’s talk about some tips and advice that can help you as a new mom and make the next several months not seem as out of control:

Get Sleep Whenever You Can

Growing a brand-new human being and giving birth is hard work. Now, you have an adorable infant who is probably not sleeping for extended periods and you are understandably exhausted. If a friend or relative offers to watch your baby so you can nap during the afternoon, by all means take him or her up on the offer. And when your little one naps, try to lie down at the same time and get some much-needed rest. Eventually, your bundle of joy will sleep through the night and you'll get more snooze, too. But, for now, take every opportunity you can to sleep.
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Treat Yourself to Some Fun New Clothes

Your baby has probably gotten the lion’s share of new outfits, and that’s totally understandable. But don’t forget to treat yourself to some new clothes as well. Anything from some comfortable-yet-stylish new T-shirts and capri pants to a little black dress will be a much-deserved reward and help you to feel your best, so you can, in turn, care for your family best. Even if you don’t plan on going out for a night on the town anytime soon, seeing that hot little number hanging in your closet can be a fun little pick-me-up.

Try to Get Out of the House Every Day

Taking care of a new baby is often a rewarding experience, but you might also feel like you have a touch of cabin fever. Indeed, getting out of the house once a day will do wonders for your sanity and will also get you a much-needed change of scenery. If it's a nice day outside, put your infant in his or her stroller and go for a walk around the block, or bundle him or her into the car seat and go for a drive around the neighborhood.

Moreover, you can certainly head to the drive-thru coffee shop for an iced tea and muffin, run a few quick errands, or go to the drive-up ATM to get cash to buy the next round of diapers. Your daily field trips don’t have to be major excursions by any means, but you'll likely be amazed at how refreshed you feel after seeing the sky and clouds and breathing in some fresh air.

Feel Free to Ignore Well-Meaning Advice

There's nothing like a brand-new baby to bring out the advice machines in everyone. Everyone from your mom, mother-in-law, best friends with kids, neighbors, aunts, uncles, neighbors and the nice older gal in line ahead of you at the supermarket will have plenty of well-meaning words of wisdom for you.

While you might appreciate some of the tips, you're also welcome to skip as much of it as you wish. Let your motherly instinct kick in, and if your mom says it’s okay to let your baby “cry it out” at nap-time and you'd prefer to hold your infant until he or she nods off, then, by all means, do so. Smile and thank people for their advice, and then do what feels correct to you: the one who knows her baby best.
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You’ve Got This!

Being a new mom involves feeling all sorts of emotions, oftentimes all at once. But by remembering to sleep whenever possible, get out of the house for a short period of time every day and treat yourself to some new clothes, you'll know you have what it takes to be an amazing mom. And, all this should help you navigate the first few crazy months with your newborn feeling less chaotic.

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