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3 Easily Grown Flowering Plants

Many homeowners who have acquired a new house or done major renovations to change the look of their existing house long to do something special with the landscaping. Inexperienced gardeners can make mistakes, so it is important to plan out what to buy and where to place it ahead of time to avoid nasty surprises. Plants that are easy to care for are the best friends of anyone who is just learning about gardening, or who does not have much free time to tend to their yard.
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1. Black-Eyed Susan

One of the easiest flowers in the world to grow is the black-eyed Susan. A lovely yellow flower with a black center that stands about two feet tall, it is a great complement to all types of landscapes. It is a perennial plant with a strong root system that ensures it can come back stronger every year. It is native to North America and is hardy to heat and cold. They can spread into other parts of the garden, so it is prudent to keep them in check. There are different varieties available, so make sure that an annual is not selected by mistake, as it will likely not come back the next year. They can be grown from seeds or purchased as seedlings.
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2. Hostas

Hostas come in different shades of green, with some varieties being all one color and others having two different colors on the leaves. They are a leafy green plant that flowers in mid-summer. The flowers appear on long stems that grow from the middle of the plant and are usually white or purple. Once the flowers have died, the stems can be cut down and just the fleshy leaves will remain as attractive foliage until the late fall. They can be purchased as small plants from a garden center, but they can also be gotten from any friends or neighbors who have some. They need to be split in half or thirds when they grow too large, so most people try to give away the cuttings during the spring or fall.
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3. Marigolds

Most commonly known for their puffy orange or yellow blooms, marigolds are incredibly easy to grow. They can be started from seed a month or so before planting season starts to give them a head start in making the garden beautiful. They can be planted directly in the ground to create a stunning garden or walkway border, but they also do great in pots. In fact, pots are a great way for a new gardener to learn how to care for plants, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes that bring a lot of character to a yard.

Not everyone is born with a green thumb and great instincts for plant care. Most people who are just starting out need to do research into proper plant care. Anyone who is looking for something that can be cared for with minimal effort should plan their gardens with sun and shady spots in mind and get appropriate plants that will thrive in different areas.

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