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Apr 6, 2020

The Benefits of Gutter Splash Blocks on Your Home

Owning a home requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. From indoor cleaning to yard work, the list of chores seems never-ending. Certain home-improvement projects are crucial to protecting your home from further damage in the long run. For example, failure to clean and maintain your gutter system can cause leaks and cracks in the gutters, damage to the siding, and even mold, fungus, and rot. Splash blocks are key components of the gutter system and play a key role in protecting the home from serious damage. 

What Are Splash Blocks?

Gutter systems require regular cleaning to avoid build-up and water overflow from the gutters. When gutters overflow, it can lead to damage to the gutter system, siding, and foundation of the home. However, splash blocks are critical pieces of gutter systems as well.

Splash blocks lie at the base of the gutter downspouts. Gutters collect precipitation, which flows into the downspouts and out onto the splash blocks. The purpose of placing splash blocks at the bottom of downspouts is to guide water away from the foundation of the home. Splash blocks allow water to be distributed evenly across the yard.

Splash blocks are made up of various materials, such as rubber, concrete, granite, or plastic. Most splash blocks have narrow entries for the water to flow down from the gutter. The shape widens at the base with a slight angle, so that the water can continue to flow down away from the house. The appearance of splash blocks is usually not noteworthy; however, some homeowners select ones that add to the decorative landscape of their yard.
Although splash blocks are small and simple structures, without them, your home could be at risk for serious damage that could cost you hundreds of dollars to repair.

What Are the Benefits of Splash Blocks?

The benefits of splash blocks are countless. The most obvious benefit of splash blocks is that they eliminate water pooling around the foundation of your home. Without splash blocks, the water will have nowhere to go, and it will grow into a puddle. Water can cause cracks and mold in the foundation of the home, which can be incredibly expensive to reverse.

Without splash blocks, the water buildup can lead to damage similar to that of a clogged gutter, including rot, fungus, mold, drywall damage, and soil erosion. The pool of water can become so large that it eventually ruins the yard.

In addition to home protection, splash blocks evenly disperse the water across the yard. This provides natural irrigation to the landscaping. Despite all these benefits, splash blocks should be directed away from gardens or new grass. The streams of water can be too much for the vulnerable areas of the yard. You will also need to make sure the splash blocks are pointed in the correct direction. Otherwise, they do more harm than good.

Where Can You Buy Splash Blocks?

Most garden supply and big-box retailers sell splash blocks. They range in prices depending on the material as well as how simple or complex the splash blocks are. You should purchase the same number of splash blocks as the number of downspouts in your gutter system. Splash blocks come with a slight angle but can also build a natural ramp of mulch or rocks for quicker distribution of water, which will slow erosion of the area. Splash blocks are a necessity for all homes and must be replaced regularly to remain effective.
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