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Exam Time? How To Reduce Your Teenager’s Stress

When teens are studying for their exams, your home might feel full of stress. Emotions are running high, and the pressure to perform well and potentially get into college can be overwhelming. As a parent, it can be difficult to watch your child going through such a stressful period. You remember what it felt like to be at school, and it’s probably a time you wouldn’t want to repeat!

So, as a parent, it’s important to help to reduce your teenager’s stress. While you can’t eliminate exams altogether, you can help to make the period as smooth as possible.

Educational Support

As a parent, it’s important to give your teenager educational support if they need it. Whilst you shouldn’t be overbearing or pushy, if they’re struggling in a certain area you might be able to help. Quizzing them and reading the answers is a good example of this. If you’re not sure of the solution or answer yourself, you can always do some research and find online tools to help, such as this free tool for citation. Alternatively, you might wish to find a tutor for your teenager, who can give them additional support in the exam period. 

Limit Distractions

While your teen is revising for their exams, it’s important that you try to limit any distractions in the house. It might be difficult to prevent them from going on the internet, but you can potentially limit their screen time, and make sure that the TV isn’t on in the background. Plus, if your teen’s siblings are being distracting, you can take them out to give your teen some quiet time in the house. Just make sure it’s being used for revision and not gaming!

Cook for them

During the exam period, it’s important that your teen stays well nourished. They won’t be able to concentrate on their revision if their stomach is rumbling! Plus, the time they spend cooking could be used to revise. So, make sure you’re cooking healthy, nutritious meals that fuel their brains and stop them from being hungry. This is especially important on exam days. They will need a big breakfast so they don’t feel hungry during the exam and can concentrate on the paper in front of them.

Emotional Support

The exam period is a stressful time for your teen, and you need to make sure that they’re coping. This means making sure that they’re talking about the way they’re feeling, and not bottling up their emotions. Whilst they need to spend the majority of their time revising, you should make sure that they’re taking adequate breaks and still taking the time to do the activities they enjoy.

Their mental health will suffer if they can’t have fun or see their friends, so encourage them to go out and socialize. If your teen knows that you’re there for them and supporting their decisions, they will feel less stressed and more able to perform well in their exams.

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