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Six Hacks for Breezing Through the Airport

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When it comes to travel one of the most familiar sights is that of an airport. Depending on how you prepare and how you spend your time there, an airport can either be a tedious drag, or it could be a true highlight. This is especially important when you have children with you. The younger they are, the less patient they will be with the waiting aspect of flying. By following these six hacks, you can vastly improve your airport experience for the whole family and make getting through the airport a breeze:

Hacks for Getting Through Security 

     1. Have Everything Packed for Easy Security Checkout 
Have your liquids and electronics within easy reach so that you can quickly and efficiently unload your luggage to be scanned. It is wise to also refrain from wearing metal and to remember to remove the items like coins or keys from your pockets.

     2. Teach Your Children Before You Go 
If this is your child’s first time flying remember to coach them on what is going to happen before you go. That way they will know what is going on and won’t need to ask questions.

Hacks for Making the Wait Easier 

     1. Have Games and Activities Ready
Games and activities are a sure-fire way to keep kids entertained, but just remember that electronics shouldn’t be their only source of fun. Bring coloring books, a doll, and other quiet activities for them to enjoy.

      2.Try Walking Around When Children Are Restless
If your child is restless, then walk around with them. Let them go into the shops and engage with the world around them. You will know exactly when your flight is boarding and when you need to go back, and letting them run around inside the airport should blow off some steam, so they rest well on the flight.

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Hacks for When Your Flight is Delayed 

     1. Know What Your Rights Are 
You have rights when it comes to flying, but depending on where you fly, and with who you fly, those rights will differ. Flying in the EU means you can enjoy EU protections and regulations, but other airlines and destinations aren’t so lucky. Check in advance so you know what your rights are without stressing about a delay or cancellation.

     2. Get Compensation
Whether you travel for business or leisure, a delay at the airport will likely cost you. Perhaps the only cost will be lost time at your holiday destination, but more likely there will be extra transportation costs to cover the delay once you land. Do not let these inconveniences ruin your holiday. Instead, rest easy knowing which compensation plans are applicable. In the EU, for example, you are covered by government regulation, making the compensation process as easy as going to FairPlane and filling out their online form within six years of your flight’s delay. 
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Flying with children doesn’t have to be a nightmare, you only need to prepare your children and pack accordingly. By following these six hacks, you can actually turn the waiting hours at an airport from boring and stressful to fun for the whole family.
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