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Sep 1, 2017

5 Reasons To Run A Background Check

You might have come across the term ‘background check’ in context of employee recruitment or security purposes, but these are not the only reasons to perform this. Companies often perform background checks on potential recruits and check public records, before hiring them. A background check is basically a report on an individual that reveals his/her criminal record, education history, financial history and other public records.

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5 Reasons to Perform a Background Check

Online security and background checks have made it easier to get hold of an individual’s bio data, check public records and uncover information that you might not be able to get otherwise. Here are the top 5 reasons why individuals and organizations conduct background checks on others. 
  1. To Make Employment Decisions: A background check can reveal a lot about an individual and holds an important place in most employment decisions. Firms want to make sure that they are hiring trustworthy employees to keep everyone safe. They want to keep workplace violence, theft and other security-related issues to the minimum by not hiring unqualified individuals possessing unsatisfactory past record. HR managers often perform background checks on candidates, before making employment decisions.   
  2. For Litigation Purposes: These checks are a valuable tool to criminal defense attorneys who can use them in courts, in favor of or against an individual. Information from these inspections can be used to lend credibility to a person or an argument, prove his/her honesty, or for verification purposes. The same information can be used to prove the opposite, making Kentucky criminal background checks (or similar criminal background checks in your area) incredibly useful in a court of law. 
  3. Relationships: Background investigations have found their way in the world of relationships as well, and are not only confined to private companies and government organizations. People nowadays have become more cautious of whom they spend their time and live with. They would like to make sure that their ‘significant other’ is trustworthy enough and does not have a questionable background. In this regard, a background investigation is often the most reliable method of checking whether you are with the right person or not.  
  4. For Security Purposes: This is most applicable in government organizations, where candidates are appointed on sensitive government positions. Before being appointed to such positions, officials must get security clearance, which can be done through a background inspection.
  5. Before Commencing a Business: When starting a new business or striking a deal with someone, people want to know whether the person they are dealing with is honest and reliable. They would like to ensure that their money is not falling into wrong hands, and thus run a check to verify the identity and background of the other person. Background checks are also performed by investors when they want to invest their money in a company or before handing it over to complete strangers.
Background investigations are a reliable source of information and could save you from a lot of trouble in future. Even though some people might consider them as invasion in their privacy, these checks can actually prove to be quite useful in this age of constantly rising crimes and scams.

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