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4 Other Ways You Can Earn Money Out of Your Blog Outside of Ads

While displaying ads is one way of monetizing your blog, it isn’t always the best option for profit. Ads don’t guarantee a stable income because they rely on your blog readers to click on them, which they don’t always do.  If you’re trying to make more money off your blog, there are other options you should definitely consider. In this article, we will show you the different paths you can take to do so.

  • Sell Merchandise

Selling your very own product is another method to increase revenue coming from your blog. Before anything else, you have to decide on your first product. When you have decided and know who your market is, it is recommended to test the product with a pre-sale strategy. This allows you to gauge the potential of the product without putting you in financial risk.

Make sure that your merchandise in line with what your blog is all about. For example, if it is based around sharing recipes and cooking, selling kitchenware would be a great fit.

  • Sell Digital Products

Thanks to the advances in technology, digital products are now more convenient to make. If you are considered an expert in a certain field, writing about it and compiling it in an e-book is another way to gain income. It is likely that your loyal readers would want to know what else you have to say.

If your blog is about a topic where it would be easier for your readers to listen or watch (music and make-up tutorial blogs, for example) rather than read, you can also create audio and video content for you to sell.

  • Add Affiliate Links in Your Content

Utilizing affiliate marketing is another way to increase your blog’s passive income. You can do this by making your readers aware of outside products that would be relevant to them. When using this method, you earn a commission whenever you readers make a purchase from your links. When marketed correctly, this can be very lucrative. Usually, these links are combined with ads, but you can add them to your content such as product reviews as well.

  • Do Product Reviews or Partnerships

Another way to generate extra income via your blog is to review products relevant to your target audience. This method works hand in hand with affiliate marketing. Since in affiliate marketing, you are informing readers about products that aren’t your own, you can do reviews to show them the products of companies you are affiliated or have partnerships with.

When making the review, it is important that you be honest – even mentioning the negative points that product has. This will make you seem more authentic to your readers, encouraging them to trust you. Taking pictures of the product is also important as it shows your readers that you are actually using it.

Your blog can be a great source of income when set up correctly. Remember to always strive to connect with your readers as this makes them keep coming back. As lucrative as reviews and affiliate linking can be, it shouldn’t be the only content in you blog – no one wants to read a blog that only has that.

Informative, compelling, and creative posts are what will keep your readers glued. That, combined with what was taught here, is a good way to make money out of your blog without ads.
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