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Get myCharge Portable Charger For Your Small Digital Devices

I am sure that most everyone is familiar with or owns a wearable fitness device that tracks your physical activity. We are a Fitbit family and we all try our best to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Okay, I lied a little. We love to compete and talk trash over who took the most steps each day. Hey, there's nothing wrong with a little family competition that contributes to better physical health! 😉

The one downside to fitness trackers is when you are running low on battery power. Now there is a convenient, portable item that will charge and store your devices and cords with ease. Introducing the PowerGear Sport by myCharge. The PowerGear Sport has a built-in USB port so that a variety of devices can be charged, including most smartphones as well as wearables. So this item is a must if you’re always on the go and find your devices are in need of extra battery life. 

This case is so great because you can keep your charging cords and extra bands organized and easy to find when you need it! This is a must-have if you travel a lot.

We have a few road trips to go on before the year is over, and I will be taking this along for the ride. It is so convenient and is rechargeable too! All you have to do is insert the included USB cord into the side of case and then into an electric power plug. It will juice it back up in no time.

I love how my charging case matches my Fitbit 

The PowerGear Sport retails for $29.99 and would make a great gift for teens, college students, fitness lovers, gadget geeks or just about anyone on your holiday list. I believe practical and useful gifts are the way to go! You can purchase one here. They come in either grey or grey/pink. I'm confident the recipient will LOVE this gift. 😍

Disclosure: I received a product sample in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own as always. 

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