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Kimchi Korean Cuisine in Columbia, SC Review

I was out a couple weeks ago with my husband and we stumbled across a new Korean food place in our area called Kimchi. I love, love, love all Asian cuisine so I knew it wouldn't be long before we headed over there to give it a try. This place is very cozy and you are immediately greeted as you walk in the door. The sweet lady who greeted us welcomed us and said, "come on, come eat". She was everything you would expect from a Korean mom or grandmother. So warm, sweet and ready to feed you. We previewed the menu beforehand so we already knew what we wanted to order. We had William with us and he went with the vegetable fried rice. Me and the hubby got the Bulgogi (Korean barbecue) which came with the most perfect sticky rice.

Of course you can't have an authentic Korean meal without all of those glorious vegetable side dishes (which comes with your meal). You get everything from kimchi, pickled daikon radish, coleslaw, bean sprouts and the most ridiculously delicious potato salad I have ever had. I wonder if I can order a pint of it? I'm serious, it's just that good. 

This was the lunch special and it was only $7.99! Oh and I promise, you will be stuffed! The food was so delicious and fresh. William's veggie fried rice (not pictured) was made with all fresh vegetables including tiny pieces of zucchini. He loved it and only got half way through his meal because he was getting very full. They have soft drinks and sweet tea for $1.50 and have a wide variety of delicious offerings on their menu. They have plenty of vegetarian and seafood dishes for those who don't eat meat. We plan to return again to try out some other items. Their prices at lunch run about $7.99 for an entree and you can even get a lunch or dinner box to go. Their dinner prices range from about $10-$30 depending on what you get since they have many specialty dishes.

Kimchi Korean Cuisine is located at 1807 Decker Blvd #6 in Columbia, SC near the Hyundai Oriental Market. Their phone number is 803-790-7778. You can place a take-out order.

This is NOT a sponsored post. I simply wanted to share the good experience I had in case you are local and looking for something new to try. Please consider sharing this post with a friend!


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  1. We love Korean food and all this sounds so delicious. Now I really need to come for a visit.


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