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Make Your At-Home Manicure Last With CND® VINYLUX® Weekly Polish

I am such a fan of polished nails on a woman. The hard part for me as a homemaker is that it is almost impossible to have a proper manicure that I can do at home that won't chip after the first day. I received a few weekly polishes from CND® VINYLUX® to test out. Seeing the words "Weekly Polish" got me a bit excited. Could it be? I use my hands ALL. Day. Long. I can't imagine any polish being able to keep up with my active homemaking lifestyle. 
Pictured above is CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish in Scarlett Letter #145, Cream Puff #108, and Cerulean Sea #171
I decided to give the blue color a try. I'm a sucker for bright blue nail polish. I applied my first layer of weekly polish and was very pleased with the formula. It was very smooth, somewhat thick, and if I was in a hurry, I could have gotten away with just one coat. It dried super fast and I did do a second coat. I was really impressed with how vibrant the color was and the quick drying time. Now the real test was how long it would last. I did NOT use a top coat so this was really going to show my how long this product would last. I was so shocked to see that I went 5 full days with no chips. I did have one small chip by day 6, but that was expected with the type of week I had. Another positive thing is that it was very easy to remove. Overall, this polish really impressed me and I look forward to purchasing some other colors.

You can purchase CND® VINYLUX® Weekly polish and CND® VINYLUX® Weekly Top Coat retail for $10.50 per bottle at select salons, or visit,, ULTA or

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  1. Five days is great! I've seen these polishes at Ulta and wondered if they worked. I'll have to check this out next.


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