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More good stuff from our talented teen

I just had to share Brie's latest art project that she is working on for school. She is currently in an advanced class and has been given some challenging assignments. This particular one is a large sketch/drawing of an elderly lady with a scarf on her head. If you saw the original photo she is using to do this project, you would be amazed how close it is to the real thing. Her project is not done and she still has add her final touches. So far, it looks amazing!
She is such a talented young lady and we are so very proud of her! Brie attended a conference for high school students in journalism yesterday and her yearbook teacher submitted a layout she did for the yearbook for a contest. It turns out, she won! My girl has so much talent and she continues to amaze us. I always tell people that she is the girl I dreamed I could have been. Way to go, Brie!

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. She is very talented and will become a fantastic artist! My daughter also started young with art and now she is illustrating books! It is a wonderful talent, good luck to your daughter. Also my daughter illustrated for the yearbook!
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  2. Talented and beautiful! What more could mommy ask for. But it is indeed such a blessing Shelly! Such a blessing to see your fruits as a mother in older children.

    Congrats to her for winning too!

  3. Congrats to your beautiful daughter! So talented!

  4. That young lady is amazing and super talented! Really wonderful!


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