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Wordless Wednesday {Art}

I just had to share Brie's work that she created in her art class at school. Brie says that this is a girl who is depressed because her secrets got out. This is a really big piece so I might have to end up getting it custom framed. We love it!

Those are locks and keys in the tree. Cool huh?
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. This piece is amazing and looks like something that really ought to be in a gallery. Seriously I love it!

  2. Very very powerful! Love her color choices and the locks and keys...definitely a frame worthy piece! :)

  3. I want this in my office downtown! But I know she won't let me have it. This is beautiful. so creative. That is our girl.

  4. I love it!!!!!!!! Where will she allow this to be displayed? I honestly believe she should have it displayed locally! She's TALENTED!!!


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