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JĀSÖN® Pure Natural Shampoo Review

I recently received a Klout Perk from the JĀSÖN® Naturals. If you are not signed up for Klout, I suggest you check it out. I have received many great 'perks' from them. I have used a couple products by this brand in the past and was very pleased. This time around I tried out the Restorative Biotin Shampoo. It is supposed to strengthen and repair damaged hair. I have been going through a phase of bad hair days since the weather warmed up. I really want to grow my hair out a bit for the Summer but it has been looking so rough.
I figured I have nothing to lose so let's see what happens after using this shampoo. First off, I am glad I opted not to use a conditioner. I found that the shampoo gave me all the moisture my hair needed. I did blow dry and was so pleased with how luxurious my hair felt. For some reason it felt fuller than normal. My hair was so shiny and smooth. I am so happy with the results. I think I will look into getting the matching conditioner so my daughters can try it on their biracial locks. I have found that using natural shampoo and conditioner products makes a big difference in how my hair comes out. I highly recommend this product!
Shelly, Mom Files

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