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My thoughts on Instagram

I remember when everyone was getting the iPhone and started using Instagram. I wanted to upgrade just to have the fun photo filters as well as my own page to share them. The thing is that I love my DROID 3 and would be too nervous to go all touchscreen. My phone has the best of both worlds with a huge touchscreen and a 5 row pull-out keyboard. I'm old school and as my friend Tanyetta would say, I love buttons! When Instagram became available on Android phones I was so excited! Finally, I could use the cool features and not have to change phones. I honestly did not understand how to use it at first and I think it was causing my phone to malfunction. I believe I have it under control now and have figured out how to use to for the most part. Knowing me, I am still doing something wrong :)

Fun at the playground. 
I don't have thousands of photos like some people do but I expect my Instagram photo account will grow. If you care to follow me you can find me under the name momfiles. I would love to follow you back! I am really enjoying looking at my friends both in real life and online share fun parts of their day through photos.

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Love the picture of William.

    BTW, that little "floating" widget for facebook shares, tweets, etc is obstructing the edge of the posts.

  2. When you say that some people have thousands of photo, I know your talking about ME. LOL. I sure do!

    Like you I LOVE droid and I'm glad more companies are making apps and tools just like the ones on iphones.

  3. Dude... I LOVE Instagram! Although, I don't post as many pics as a lot of other people, it's still pretty cool. I will certainly follow you. I'm MommyDelicious.


  4. Thinking, Instagram is perfect for you as a mom Sheliza.

  5. Buttons!!! I am right there with you on that one :-) I have never tried Instagram. Looks like a nice gadget to try. Wait, I have a bootleg phone and can't get this program. LOL! I will just have to live through your photos!


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