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How in the world did this happen?

Yesterday morning I was dropping my daughters off to school and heading back home to gather my things so I could go to the store. I was driving about 25-30 mph since I was exiting from the school speed limit. As I was coming around a curve on the road I hear a very loud pop in the back of the car. I was stunned and not sure what it was. Lucky for me my car speaks to me when things go wrong. I looked at the screen and it said to check right rear tire pressure. I watched it go from 33 to 1 in a matter of seconds! I had a flat tire. Thankfully I was in a familiar area and found a safe spot to pull over on the side of the road. I called Dwayne and he was there in what felt like only 5 minutes. Thank goodness! He very quickly took off my bad tire and put on the spare. He showed me what appeared to be either a flattened nail or piece of metal sticking out of the tire. Now it was off to Walmart to get a new one. I am so happy I always buy the road hazard protection so at least I didn't have to pay the full price for a new tire. But check out what they found that was the culprit in causing my tire to blow out...

This is a screw driver without the handle. When they showed it to me I freaked out and could not understand how it happened! As a matter of fact, the tire installers were laughing and amazed at how this huge piece of metal even got inside my tire. The funny part is the flat-head tip of the screw driver was sticking out of the tire so this meant the blunt end is what penetrated it. Crazy!! 

To show just how big the screw driver was I put it next to a pen and a nail file. The guys at Walmart said they have seen things the size of a pin or an average nail pierce and ruin a tire but never anything as large as a screwdriver! It was a crazy way to start my day and I am thankful I was in a safe area and not driving at a high speed. 

I got to thinking and realized I am so glad I am one of those moms that gets fully dressed (sometimes even with make-up) to drive the kids to school! :)
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Thank goodness you were able to make it somewhere safe to get the tire fixed. It's amazing what can get stuck inside a tire.

  2. Glad everthing worked out. I don't get fully dressed. Well I get dressed but not in case of emergency. ;-/

  3. Omg! I would love to know how that got in there. How weird. So glad Dwayne was close by so he could come and help you out!

    hahaha @ You being fully dressed and even in makeup. Girl, this was a good story for me to read cuz I'm the exact opposite - that mom who will dart out of the house in flip flops, scarf on head, and an old t-shirt with sweatpants, hoping I dont run into anyone i know, and convincing myself that its "ok" to look like this cuz im not getting out of the car anyway and no one will see me. Guess this would have been my unlucky day!!!

  4. I'm so glad that no one was hurt, and you weren't driving on the highway. I was behind a car once who tire blew, and man, that was scary.

    But, I'm still wondering, how did that screwdriver get in the tire. So weird. Just glad everything was taken care of.

  5. That is weird. Do you think you drive over it somewhere? Who knows. What matters is that you're safe and your husband was able to come to your aid quickly!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  6. Amazed myself. I've never witness a screwdriver, let alone the handle and all, penetrate a tire. Kinda scary.

    At least you are safe.


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