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Update on the girls

Last week was a busy week. The girls completed volleyball tryouts and they both made the team. Chardie will be on Varsity and Brie will play JV and will also get to join in on Varsity practice as well as get a little play time if they need her. They are both pretty happy and are excited about the season. They also picked up their schedules and got all the classes they needed. Remember in past posts how happy I was to finally have both girls in one place so I don't have to be scattered around all over town? Well they will be going to the same school and will playing the same sport except their schedules are very different. One has early bird and the other doesn't. One will have early dismissal second semester and the other one doesn't. So, you know what this means.... yep, scattered around again. We came up with a solution for mornings though. I will take them at the 2 different times for a couple weeks until Brie becomes comfortable with her new school and then she will get dropped off early with her sister. She will be able to go to the library at that time. It still freaks me out that both my girls are in high school! As far as afternoons go I still have about 4 months before that happens. I am looking forward to the girls going back to school in a week so I can focus more on teaching little Will his school lessons at home.

Has school started back in your city yet? Are you prepared?
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Two girls in high school! How exciting! They are growing up, Shelly. It's going to be a very busy year for us all!

    Tell them both congrats on making the volleyball team!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. Scattered is right, but good things will change when she gets settled. School hasn't started yet but registration is tomorrow and my daughter has volleyball tryouts on Wed. We'll be in full swing shortly.

  3. Alright!!!! That is so exciting that both girls made the team. So happy about that!

    Goodness, before I know it my boys will be in high school too. The time passes so quickly!


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