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Oldest child = Guinea pig

I was listening to the girls having a conversation the other day about high school issues. Chardie was explaining to Brie how good she has it since her big sister has already been there and done that. Chardie said that it is not fair that she is the guinea pig for everything and then Brie seems to have things so easy. It is hard being the oldest sibling according to Chardie. You work so hard to figure things out and it seems as if things are just handed to your younger siblings. We always have to remind Chardie that this is nothing new. It has been this way forever and she is not the only big sister to go through it. Hey, at least Brie has an excellent role model! Chardie makes Brie want to be even better. You can't beat that!!

The girls are having volleyball tryouts this week. They are both very excited about it and I look forward to the upcoming season. At least this year I will be at ONE location only. I am SO happy about that!

Have a great week my friends :)
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  1. I can relate to Chardie as I'm the older sibling! It seems I had to find my own way, while my younger siblings just followed the path I laid out for them. I had them spoiled rotten:)

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. It does seem that the oldest makes way for the younger ones.

    I wish I had only one school, but I really dont ever think that will happen. I have 2 (12th and 11th) in one high school and another (9th) in another high school. Then I still have one (7th) in a magnet middle school.

  3. Wow, that is such an interesting conversation they were having. As the second (and middle) sibling, it never occurred to me that my sister might feel that way too. I love getting that insight into the mind of an "older sister." Your girls are so sweet! They really are. Ya'all have done such a good job with them.

    Yaaay, wishing them well at the tryouts!

  4. WOW!!! she makes a great point! well, at least she's an excellent role model :)

  5. Greg's thoughts exactly! His little brother and sister get away with highway robbery because he has tried and been denied of the things that his siblings have done. It's great that Brie looks up to Chardie. I hope that Greg's bro and sis look up to him too.

  6. I can easily justify Chardie's opinion, as numerous researches show that truly elder siblings are more self sufficient and it is easier for them to survive. Also they usually achieve more in their lives.


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