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I am so happy that the girls have returned from their volleyball camp in Charleston. They both had a great time and learned a lot. Of course after visiting College of Charleston, they are both considering applying there. I would be fine with that since it is only 2 hours away. It was certainly very quiet with them gone! Well, it's time to go cook them a big ole dinner. Have a great day friends! :-)
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  1. Aww your girls are beautiful! I am glad you got to have some quality time with them today - I'm in my twenties and I still miss my mom when I'm away too long!

  2. How great is it that they got to get away for camp. I'm sure it was a great experience, but I'm sure you guys are all happy that they're back. LOL. They're so beautiful! I love those big, beautiful smiles.

  3. So glad they are back! I know they were missed. :-)

    I hope they choose that school- I really like the idea of them being 2 hours away - far enough for them to feel independent and to get a "real" college experience of being away. But close enough that they can still come home quickly and easily if they ever want or need to.

  4. Your girls are both so beautiful. I'm sure they want to stay close to home too. Far away to have a bit of independence, but close enough to see you guys as much as they like. You and Dwayne have raised some wonderful girls, Shelly!

    Hugs and Mocha,


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