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Sometimes I just want to say....

I am sure some of you will not be surprised to know that this post is about my dear husband Dwayne. He gets these ideas in his head sometimes and because I am a great wife, I humor him. We live on a pond and he LOVES to go fishing as often as he can. Our pond has all kinds of fish in it although we have never eaten any out of there before. I took him to the store so he could buy some new fishing supplies. He was going to wait until it cooled down a bit this evening to see if he could catch anything. That was all he was supposed to do.

How about an hour before he went out there he starts rummaging through MY kitchen looking for items to cook fish with. He went on and on about how he was going to catch the fish and get it straight into some hot "grease" as he calls it (country ain't it?). I'm sorry, when we lived in Miami we used to catch fish and eat it all the time. Here in South Carolina, we just go up to Publix or Kroger and buy it ready to cook. I will spare you all the gross details of his stanky fishes he caught. I cleaned the 3 fish he brought in and cooked them. He sat at the table feeling like a King, bragging about his catch. Then all of a sudden things got quiet. Very quiet. I asked him if everything was okay. He looked at me out the corner of his eye and said next time he wants fish he will just send me to the store to buy it. I just giggled a bit and almost said "I told you so". He knew he lost this one. I am going to talk about him for a very long time. Sometimes men get into this "manly-man, I want to conquer the world" state of mind and as a good wife you just have to let them have their fun. I am quite certain Dwayne learned his lesson! Now I am off to go get the fish funk out of the air :)

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  1. Lol! My husband loves to catch fish, but he cleans it and cooks it . I can't even it eat it. I like mine from the store :)

  2. Love how you handled it...and the pic up top is too funny!

  3. LOL!!! my hubby said the only fishing he will be doing is if we are stranded in the wilderness and we need food, he said i will teach the kids to fish and show them one or twice to clean it, but other than that we will be doing the catch and release program.

  4. That is too funny! You are going to get a lot of mileage out of that one.

  5. LOL! Hilarious. Yeah, I'm not so much of fish that has been recently caught with the exception of the time we spent in Seattle. Poor Dwayne!

  6. LOL!!!!! Yes, I agree. Sometimes we just have to remain quiet and let them have their way, if they insist. In the end, it's always just as we predicted. Ladies tend to know best about these things.
    Love how ambitious he was though - it's a great idea in theory! LOL


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