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Lemon tree update and a bargain

Remember my post about planting a Dwarf Meyer lemon tree in a pot? Well check out how big it has gotten in the past 7 weeks!
After 7 weeks:
Of course I will not see any lemons until maybe next year if I am lucky, but I am thrilled with the fact that it is actually growing! I was worried since I paid so little for it but so far so good.

Here is my bargain of the week- Every year I buy a Mandevilla so that I can have flowers blooming throughout the summer. Normally I would have purchased it by the first of May. This year I decided I did not want to pay $20 for a plant. I am glad I did not get it at that time. Last night Dwayne and I were doing some work in the front yard and we had to make a quick run to our local home improvement store for a couple items. We both noticed that there was an abundance of plants on clearance. The garden center lady informed us that all clearance plants were an additional 50% for that day only. I found my plant that was originally $22.48 marked down to $11 and with the extra 50% off it ended up being $5.50! I was so happy! It is really big and all that was wrong with it was one little branch was broken. I pulled that sucker off and voila, new pretty pink mandevilla :-)
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Shelly, your lemon tree looks so healthy! Loving your flowers too. I've never purchased one of those.

  2. What a gorgeous mandevilla and your lemon tree is growing fabulously.

  3. Wow! It really is growing so fast. How exciting. I'm terrible with planting and all things gardening so mines definitely wouldn't have made it this far. Needless to say, I'm impressed.

  4. The tree looks great! It's doing super well! AND, love the flower story as I also love me a bargain!

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  5. What a gorgeous plant - and what a sweeeeet deal you got! Nice!

  6. I just love deals like that. It really makes you appreciate it even more right? Happy 4th!


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