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10 Facts you didn't know about me

I stole this post idea from my sweet friend Lisa of New York Chica.
  1. I don't like the beach. Sand and sea water, no thanks.
  2. I have not worn a swimsuit in 3 years. My cellulite has gotten worse since having the last kiddo. I'm thinking I need a swim skirt.
  3. I have had a professional manicure/pedicure once in my life.
  4. I dislike shoe shopping.
  5. I think my family might be the only family in America that does not own a gaming system of any kind. We don't plan on ever buying one either.
  6. Although I am not big into travel, I would love to go on an Alaskan cruise before I leave this earth. Oh yeah and I want to go to Las Vegas.
  7. I love foot and neck massages. I just don't like it done by a professional. Something about strangers touching me...
  8. I get really uncomfortable in crowded places and elevators. I will pretend I forgot something just to avoid getting into an elevator with others.
  9. I love beer. I craved it so much when I was pregnant with William. I try not to drink it too much since I think it is the culprit to my weight gain.
  10. Most of my young life I wanted to get a boob job. It took me turning 30 to realize that I was crazy. I am so glad I never went through with it!
Now it's your turn to share some facts about yourself!
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  1. I'm totally getting a boob job after I'm done have kids. I plan to breastfeed them all, so I got a feeling they are gonna be deflated after feeding 3+ kids, lol. I love the beach, but if I step in more than 1 foot, I get scared. I prefer pools! I know ain't nothin' gonna sweep me up or rip my leg off!

  2. Doggonit! Comment #1 was me. I can't use Name/URL anymore. It doesn't seem to work.

  3. No gaming system? I envy you! I hate the beach too. Its like public bathing & I can't swim anyway?

  4. We don't have a gaming system either. I refuse to buy one or let it be a baby sitter for me. I'd rather just play with him myself.

  5. I'm not big on strangers touching me either - that's why I don't really go to get massages (of any kind). I mean, I've done it before and it's okay... but Im not at my most comfortable/relaxed, so what's the point, right?

    hehehe, i wonder how the no gaming system will work out once William is a little older and starts begging for it. Isnt it the boys who are mostly into it anyway?

  6. I love the beach . . but when I look out at the vast ocean it scares me and captivates me at the same time.

    Girl, I show off my cellulite proudly. I love all my flaws.

    I LOVE shoe shopping. It is a sexual satisfaction.

    I love to travel, I want to take my children around the world.

    I play the gaming systems in this house more than my children. Really, you should try the Wii even, if only for the exercise programs.

    I hate the taste of any alcohol. Reason 2 why I don't drink.

    I love my little boobs. Give me a miracle bra to boost cleavage and I am happy happy.

  7. My mom took an Alaskan cruise last summer and raved so much that I made hubs promise we could take one next year.

    Mani/pedi only once? But it's so relaxing!

    I absolutely HATE crowds of people. I'm so excited that internet has expanded the way it has. Other than groceries, I don't set foot into stores for many other things.


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