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I have not been writing much. I have not had a whole lot to say. I have felt like savoring moments with my kids who are growing up way too fast. I am realizing more and more each day that my kids will need me less. I was on the computer several weeks back and William was nagging me to do something (I can't remember what it was exactly). I told him to give me a moment that I was working. A week later he sees me on the computer while I was on Facebook. He asked in that sweet baby voice "Hey Bawbi, you working?" It was that moment that I realized I was spending too much time on the daggone computer. And not just the computer, the smart phone too. Facebook, Twitter, email and text at my fingertips. I felt so much guilt and have vowed to do a whole lot less of that nonsense. After all, why do I need to know who "checked in" where and how many people hate the weather, the world, is in a relationship but it's complicated, etc... All of that does nothing for me and yet I got sucked into it. I have not been posting much on the blog because I have been living life physically. Some days I wonder if I even want to keep the blog. I have noticed so many other bloggers feeling the same way lately. Oh well, I guess I'll just go with the flow and see what happens from here....
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  1. I hate that you are feeling this way and I hope that you don't stop blogging. The great thing about having a blog is it yours to do with as you please.Blog when you want about what you want. Family comes first and there is nothing wrong with making time for them.

  2. I totally get stepping back for a bit...but, please don't go away. At least drop in every now and then to let us know how you are doing.

  3. Oh my gosh, I can totally relate!!! There have been too many occasions where I wasn't available for the boys (emotionally AND physically) because I was busy doing something online. DH and I recently read an article in the paper about how parents today are guilty of neglecting their kids (not in the "Child Protective Services" way, but just not being as attentive as they should be) because they are so busy checking all their electrical devices. I felt so sad and ashamed, because I knew I was guilty of that. So, like yourself, I have tried to take a step back.... at least during the times that they are awake.

    As you've stated, nothing is more heart-wrenching than hearing that sweet baby voice imploring with you to play, while you can barely tear your eyes away from the computer screen long enough to mutter, "In a minute, mommy's almost done." *head hanging in shame*

    Glad you aren't leaving though, I'd miss your daily blog posts terribly!!!

  4. So true. No need to "check in" with others and see if they have responded to something you said when your kid, your LOVE is right there in front of you. I've down it before. I've been guilty as well. But I promised myself that as long as it's not truly urgent (like I need to send my professor an email or something), I won't take up Aiden time for computer time. Good for you, Sheliza. The internet can wait... our kiddies can't.

  5. What you are feeling is totally normal. I go through this regularly. I get tired of the net, of people, situations, everything bother me and I'm like "yuck, just yuck" lol. I take a break and focus on other stuff. And guess what? I feel GREAT in the end. There is nothing wrong with doing that, we are too wired/plugged in anyway. We all need a breather sometimes.

  6. Girl you best not stop blogging!

    I started feeling this way and decided to cut back with being on social media. I force myself to stay away night and weekends. Those are the times for me to be with my son :)

    I agree that you should enjoy your time with family but dont beat yourself up about being an online mom. Everything in moderation and you'll be fine :)

  7. Well Shellly I know you've noticed...I'm gone from FB and twitter. I did it. I finally decided that my family was more important and life is so much better because of my choice. Sure, I miss it but I was missing out on something/someone more important. It's all about balance. Never again will I hear, "you're on that thing too much" or "you're here but not here". Nothing that causes strife and discord in my home is worth having, nothing!
    Your blog is the first blog I've made a comment on in maybe six months...this feels good. See ya around :-)


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