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It's tax season

Well it's that less than fun time of year- tax season. We have a pretty decent system of keeping up with our paperwork throughout the year to make it easier to file. I guess there still seems to be so much else we have to gather to ensure we are getting as much money back as we can as well as being thorough. I have thought about doing our taxes ourselves but I get all scared that we will mess something up. We just go up to the same place we have for years (a mom 'n pop's spot) and just pay them to do it correctly. I have always had friends and family tell me how easy it is to do yourself but there are just some things I am not willing to mess with!

So what about you? Are you one of the brave people that does it yourself or are you a wimp like me?
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Hell No! One year we brought the software, I did it & was scared to press send! We've been going to the same guy for 7 years. Thankfully we did our right befor the snow hit. I'm tempted to learn but that's one of those things I fear.

  2. I tried Turbotax this year and it was super easy and fast!

  3. I did it one year on my own and got back very little! It seems that the "professionals" know all the tips and secrets of the trade to get you the maximum refund. So I defer to them too!


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