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Jan 20, 2011

Some husbands really do listen to their wives

I know I crack jokes and give Dwayne a hard time most days so I decided to dedicate a post to say some nice things about him.
*I really hope he does not read this and let it go to his head*
My husband is a simple man. He does not require very much to be happy. I love that he does not care about sports (except fishing). I would take being married to a nerd any day over a sports fanatic. He takes the time to listen to me even when it comes across as nagging. Of course he makes sure he points it out to me when he does what I nagged about. Dwayne mentioned to me the other day that I should be really proud of myself. Of course I am wondering what on earth he is talking about. He tells me how he has been seeing the commercials and reading articles about the "Extreme Couponing" lifestyle. He said I should have been featured in a publication since I have been into couponing and signing up for freebies since before I was even married. He says that all the people who talked crap about me and thought I was wasting my time can eat their words. He thinks that this show came way late in the game. Then he tells me how proud he is of me for being so smart with my purchases and the fact that I am passing that wisdom on to our kids and it shows. That really made me feel good knowing that he notices all the little things I do. I think I will keep him for a little while longer :)
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Very nice! Love that he takes time to tell you these things.

  2. Yep, you'd better keep him around. :)

  3. awwwwwwwwwww!!! so sweet! that's RIGHT! it's because of YOU that I am addicted to freebies and saving money!!! :-)

  4. Can he kidnap my husband and give him a crash course in listening to his wife? I'LL PAY!

  5. Are you sure Dwayne and Vic aren't related somehow? I swear they are two of a kind.

  6. WoW! He listens?! That's a rarity among men!I didn't know you were that serious on couponing.

  7. Dwayne is such a sweetheart - That is really awesome that he told you that!

  8. Awww! How cute is hubs?? But seriously, I'm into coupouning too, but a few of the folks on that show give us a bad name. Can you say C.R.A.Z.Y. and obsessed???

  9. aww, how sweet! I am dating a bit of a nerd too and I definitely prefer him over a sports fanatic! :)


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