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Run your family like a business

Our family schedules a family meeting once per month. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss everything that pertains to our household including short and long-term goals, finances, as well as needs for each person. These meetings are a forum for each family member to voice their concerns on anything and everything. Each person takes a turn to speak on a particular section of our list. These things include: A recap of the last month, personal goals and family goals for the next month/next quarter, also if you need something (supplies, haircuts etc..). I am the note keeper for the meetings and I type up the "minutes" just as any business or committee would do. At the beginning of the next meeting each person will receive a copy of these minutes almost as a road map for that meeting. These meetings have really kept us on track as a family and is essential to our growth. Now don't get me wrong, there are some months that we have to cancel or reschedule a meeting and we really get thrown off. We do our best to catch back up and take it from there. We really try to run our family like a business so that we can teach our children the importance of communication within their family. I know that the girls get so disgusted and bored with it but at least they know they are a part of a caring family unit.

Do you have any type of family meeting in your household?
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I don't have meetings at my home, (my children are 6, 5 and almost 1), but can I say that I LOVE this idea! Not sure when and how to implement something like this, but one day...

  2. Long time to post... Or response I should say. I love this idea and would live to implement this in my household(we are in need for some serious intervention) just out of curiosity what are the ages of your children?

  3. Shelly, I LOVE this idea!!! Love it, love it! I'm talking about DH about this because I'd love us to begin something like this once our boys are of age. I think these types of meetings are very necessary. We did something similar growing up, although it wasn't necessarily scheduled for every month. But I like the consistency that you have by doing it monthly.

  4. @MeLynn, my kids are 2, 14 and 16. We started when they were about 5 and we have the 2 year old sit in on the meetings so he gets used to it.


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