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Oct 4, 2010

Things that make Shelly... Shelly

  • I LOVE being a housewife and stay-at-home mom. It's my dream job although the pay sucks ;) Love it.
  • Promptness makes me very happy. Lateness troubles me greatly.
  • I don't like and never will like boiled peanuts. Even the smell makes me ill.
  • I love coupon shopping. I can't pass up a great deal!
  • I would love to lose 2 pounds.
  • I can't control my laughter when I need to the most. It has gotten really bad.
  • I love watching television with the husband but do not like when he has the remote (he's a compulsive channel flipper)
  • I have multiple junky corners in my home. My husband can tell you all about them.
  • I am very loyal. I get hurt easily when people don't show me the same.
  • Cold weather puts me in a great mood.
  • I don't feel my age at all.
  • I love foot and neck massages.
  • I don't like wearing socks even though I love crazy socks.
  • I don't ever write "LOL". It is grossly overused.
  • I am a snackoholic. Yep, I am a junk food junkie but I tend to be decadent on the weekends and I work it off during the week.
  • I have been watching One Life to Live and General Hospital for over 30 years.
  • I am writing this post to avoid cleaning my desk! haha :)
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  1. A back massage does it for me. Maybe that's one of the reasons why I don't feel my age either. Although the cold weather is good it kinda reminds me that I am 37 years old.

    I too HATE boiled peanuts. Just the thought.

  2. I always love random facts posts!!!!

  3. Boiled peanuts make me think of my grandmother. She's from Aiken, SC and always has many, many cans of them. Ick!

    I hate wearing socks and shoes. As soon as I close my office door in the morning, my feet are bare.

    Ha ha! I'm guilty of overusing "LOL"! I'll try not to torture you with it in the future.

  4. This post confirms something...I absolutely adore you.

  5. So you were watching those shows before you were born? And wait for it... LOL.


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