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Jul 24, 2010

And the Mom of the Year Award goes to....

Obviously NOT Shelly Ismail!!!

Look at what her son is doing *sighs*

Let me explain...We had company staying for a couple days and William's little furniture on wheels usually covers this outlet as well as his monitor unit is plugged in this outlet. We did not think to put safety covers on. Obviously this did not hinder two cousins from having some rowdy fun!

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Omg! lol. *adding outlet covers to your shopping list*

  2. lmao!!! they are having fun!

  3. Girl that is Ashleigh. We did buy the outlet covers and put them on but you would never think that if you walked in this house. She pulled them off. ALL of them. Maybe she ate them becuase they are nowhere to be found.

  4. The are too cute!! and having so much fun. so that's what they do in the bad boys club.


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