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School's out!

It's official that school is out for the summer and I am kinda sorta happy about it. Happy because I have great kids that are fun to be around but not so happy because it takes me off of my regular schedule. I am one of those planning, scheduling and list making type of moms. I get crazy when things are out of whack or if there are too many people in my face while I am working. I also really like driving the kids to school and picking them up. There is something about the calm of the carpool line aka Willie's nap time. I guess Willie will have to adjust to having his sisters around more. He is usually perfectly calm when it is just the two of us. Oh well, I am glad to have my kids around regardless of how they act ;-) Happy Summer!!
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I totally know what you mean, cuz im the same way. Always a pleasure to have the kids around.... but at the same time, it totally puts a cramp in your daytime flow.

    But it sounds like the girls have a pretty busy summer lined up as well, so I'm sure they'll be occupied with doing their own thing most of the time. So hopefully it wont alter your routine too drastically!

    Happy Summer to you all as well!

  2. And, judging from the great amount of joy experienced during my childhood at the ending of the school year and the beginning of summer fun, I imagine your children are just as elated.

    That said, the summer appears to grow wings.


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