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It's supposed to be summer break for the kids. They have summer assignments that consume a good bit of their day, everyday. It's as if school did not end. They still have practices and camps so I still drive them all over the place each week. So much for saying good-bye to the carpool line. I'm not complaining. I have not heard the "I'm bored" bit as yet. Of course I am one of those old-school moms that will put your butt to work if you feel you have nothing to do. I think my girls have caught onto that pretty well. Also I have noticed that I am spending less on food. Yes, you read that correctly LESS. I guess since the days aren't as structured as school days I am not forced to buy as much stuff to accommodate breakfast, morning snacks, lunch, afterschool snacks and game snacks. I can get used to this. So how is summertime coming along in your home?
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  1. Oh darn, I typed up thise long comment and then it disappeared! (I think I forgot to enter the word verification. >:( ) Anyhoo, here is the lazy recap.

    1) So glad to hear the summer is going well - gosh, these schools really keep the kiddos busy these days, dont they!
    2) Yeeaaahhh!!! @ saving grocery $$. Now thats always a good thing!
    3) Haha @ putting their butts to work if they complain of boredom. I know thats right! :-)

  2. Summer Camp, Library Reading Program, Skating, Bowling, Ice Cream parties and more.


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