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Confessions, apologies and smack talk

I posted a couple years ago about your boy Dwayne and his new cellphone plastic. I even went as far as insulting him about it. Well today I am coming forward and admitting that I too have become a cellphone plastic person. I got a new phone a couple of weeks ago and since it is a touch screen I opted to keep the factory protective film on it. I am too frugal to pay $10 for the thing and have been trying to hold off for as long as I can. I went to slide my phone in my pocket yesterday so I could pull my laundry out the dryer and I immediately took it right back out so I would not forget it was there. Don't you know my doggone film peeled almost completely off?! I was so upset. All Dwayne could do was roll his eyes at me. So I am making a public apology to my dear hubby for talking so badly about his cellphone plastic. Sorry honey. We still friends?

On another note, because you know I can't just be nice to Dwayne and leave things where they are. You know how most of us have a library card to borrow books, CD's and DVD's? Well apparently my husband has a library card that is used as a rental card. Dude always has late fees and damn near pays for his stuff in the end. Oh and he likes to ask me if my library card is clean. WTH? He's not messing up my good credit at the library!!
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  1. I have an iPod Touch that is two years old with the factory plastic still on it. I'm.that.good. LOL

  2. I took the factory plastic off my BB, but I did buy the protector sheets. Sad to say that I haven't changed the sheet though, in over a year.

  3. Is your card clean? LOL
    Too Funny!!!!

  4. Oh. I feel you on the cell phone plastic. I purchased an expensive phone in January and it took me until April before I accepted the fact that I had to remove the plastic. I didn't really like carrying the protective pocket around with me everywhere and was afraid of scratching the touchscreen.

    This post made me laugh.

  5. I tried to keep the plastic on my phone, but I just can't do it. So instead I got a cover for it and dust STILL got under it and scratched my screen! Soooo pissed! now I have to get a new housing for the damn thing...I fail! lol

  6. *laughing* Shelly dogged him. I remember it. See it is useful. I wish I had kept the film on my Sony MP3. Had to buy film to cover it from scratches.

  7. LOL, i'm always reluctant to take the plastic film off as well. i mean, you can still see everything so clearly with it on, so why ruin that clear, unscratched screen? (uh oh, I hope this doesnt make me the modern day version of my grandmother who kept the plastic on the couch)?


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