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Busy is nothing without consistency

I was having a conversation with the hubby this morning over coffee and we were discussing how so many parents 'throw' their kids into way too many activities at one time. Some kids do multiple sports and also a musical instrument as well as school and parents think it is the right thing to do. They feel that kids should be kept busy at all times. Now what good does busy do a child if there is no real consistency involved in their day to day? When a child lives a sporadic life at such a young age it seems to me that this can lead to disorganization and chaos. Of course I am no expert so I can't say for sure. Dwayne and I just think kids of today do way more than they should and this leaves less time for them to learn the most important life lessons and life skills that should come directly from their parents. We have made it a point to spend more time individually with our children. Don't get me wrong, our children are involved in activities but are limited to how often and how many at any given time. I think it is imperative that our children are taught about things like finances, paying bills, keeping house and even cooking. After all, what sport will teach them these things? What are your thoughts??
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  1. I really agree with you 100%. I have always told my kids "No more than 2 activities." You have to have time for family and for them to just be kids.

  2. My kids are involved in a ton of activities, like making messes, not listening, playing the Wii, making another mess and baseball.

  3. lol @ Whit's comment.

    Thank you for this post. It's something I hadn't thought about, and will be good advice for me to heed as Chase gets older and I get tempted to go crazy with over-scheduling. (I'm such a lazy mom, not sure this would have happened anyway).


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