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What real men do...

They mentor our youth.

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Keep encouraging the youth!

  2. Sheliza You must be so proud! It's so important for our youth. Reminds me of my prinicipal in High School. The school was utter chaos before I started but that year we had an excellent principal, Dr. Frank M Mickens who turned the school around. The percentage of graduates sky rocketed. He especially helped the boys and steered them in the right direction.

  3. BRAVO!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!

  4. very motivating to get my butt out there and help out a little. You know me and Alan would love to have a home with land and make a barn/shop out back to have troubled teens over to keep them out of trouble. (that's one of our many dreams :) it would be the best!

    Go Dwayne!!

  5. i love it. keep helping kids to start dreaming big. great music choice too.

  6. This is a great deal. GREAT deal. I recently applied for a position on the weekends with a Big Brother program. Hopefully I will be selected and make a difference in the same way that a real man made a difference in my life after I refused to listen to my mother and relatives and paid the price.

    Just from my time of visiting and reading your blogs (especially the Crown Royal bag post) I have come to view your husband as someone who understands inner city life. I am sure he realizes that one wrong move in many areas of inner city life can result in a regret that one will be forced to live with.

    It doesn't have to be this way. But I believe many just get to the point where they are overly frustrated and just do not care anymore. I admire your husband being a mentor.

    Especially once I believe how he managed to use his brain and intelligence and overcome odds that not many will.

    I believe the youth can find truth in his words and actions.

    Good deal.


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