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This really makes me mad

Why in the world does William not listen to me? If Dwayne is around William dares not to try any stupid stuff. The boy will look around the corner to be sure Papo is not around if he is about to do something. When I am reprimanding his butt he looks at his dad the whole time. It really makes me mad because I spend all my time and energy on him. I can tell him "NO" fifty thousand times and it is irrelevant. Papo tells him once and that is all it takes. It really makes me feel so powerless and weak on days that I feel like I am screaming and yelling to make him listen. Ugh, it's been one of those mornings already :(
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Shelly, I was there this morning too. My son is about to turn 2 this summer and over the past few weeks he has developed the "no" syndrome. No matter what I ask him, it's "No." He won't pick up toys anymore, I end up saying things 1,000 times to him, he's throwing more tantrums - it's rough. But after every tear he cries he's smiling again and melting my heart just long enough so I get soft and take my eye off him and he's into something else.

    Boys. That's all I will say.

  2. Because we are ALWAYS there. Yak yak yakkity yak..The kids learn to tune us out. When the men get home it's time to listen up! It's frustrating as hell I know.

  3. I cannot even answer this. I hear the same when it comes to mines. I think we did the same as children ourselves. I know I did. LOL! Dads get down to the business of "STOP!" more than mothers do, I believe.

  4. This sound exactly like how it goes down in my house. I try so hard to make Jaimen happy, or to have a fun day... I probably give 90% into it when I am making a big effort, Alan gives maybe 60-70%. Yet Alan is the one he always listens too. This is the reason I yell, because my child will NOT listen unless I yell, loudly :)

  5. I completely totally identify with this. {{{Hugs}}}

  6. I feel your pain. Sadly, however, Chase doesn't listen to either of us at this point. But I am curious to see how this changes as he gets a little older (closer to those Terrible Twos), because I've heard more moms identify w/your sentiments with regards to this.

  7. I can relate. Sometimes I feel powerless when I have to call my husband for backup. I do notice that when me and my daughter are home during the day alone she's really good. Once her siblings get home Ugh. It's sibling rilvary. Then when hubby gets home she's on ten because she's sleepy. We have to try not to yell so much because we're the ones frustrated but don't stop correcting them because eventially they'll begin to listen.

  8. You have to be firm. Some moms tend to be soft. I however as a single mom, didn't play. You have to change your tone and follow through.

  9. I have to comment on ths. Honestly, I think it is something that men have naturally when it comes to boys.

    My son is 9 and I can yell, explain, and fuss about why it is important to live a certain way, listen in school, listen at home . . .etc

    and he is like yeah yeah I know Mom.

    Now, let me say I am going to call his father and have his father talk to him and he is like No please, I really do get it Mom. I'm listening.


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