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Some days I just don't know

I am sitting at my computer desk with intentions of writing a blog post. Honestly, I really don't have anything. I have tons of stuff floating around in my head but nothing really worth actually writing down. I guess this will have to be one of those random posts that have no specific subject.

I'll start with the Kardashian women. Is it just me or are their voices annoying and whiney as hell? How does anyone listen to that crap all day long? Is it really necessary to spew the "F" word every other sentence? Like we teach our daughters, you can be as pretty as you want but it is what comes out of your mouth that people will go by. Also, what's up with these shows 16 and Pregnant and Sweet Sixteen?? Two great reasons my daughters are not allowed to watch MTV, VH1 or BET. <----they used to show actual music videos. What happened to that? Some days I wonder maybe Dwayne and I could be the lame ones and we are missing something. Other days I'm like nope, we're the smart ones! I am about to click publish post. I am sure I will have something better to say tomorrow :)
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. My kids are so tired of watching Noggin it's not even funny anymore. But TV is sooo bad these days. Even Nickelodeon- the shows that I think are OK have my kids crying at night. Don't even get me started on The Wizards of Waverly Place". And yes, the Kardashian girls are sooooo winey. But they get it from their mom. She is rediculous. Bruce is the only sane one in the house.

  2. Good call on keeping your girls away from the reality madness on television.

  3. I feel ya Shelly...I mean I was just asking myself last night why in the heck are the Kardashians famous anyway. The stuff they do is so weird and scripted to me and why I can't stand tv as it is.How they talk to their mother the way they do and get away with it is beyond me.
    MTV is another story in itself...dont even get me started on them lol.

  4. I know what you mean... in a way, shows like that glorify teen pregnancy and make it "okay." Its become so normalized.... and the messages that sends our girls is that it is not a big deal.

    lol, yes, I've always thought the Kardashian girls' voices (namely Kim) sounded so phony and contrived. Like, she is trying way to hard. DH is convinced that Reggie will never marry her, because of the Ray J tape that will always follow her. He said she is just not a respectable woman to marry, and that Reggie has too much pride. lol. We shall see. *shrug* Why do I even know that much about her life... why do I care. *sigh* Sad! LOL


  5. I remember going to a friends house and wanting nothing more than to watch MTV (we didn't have cable). Now I see my younger sister-in-law watching it and roll my eyes. I tell her every time to turn that crap off, she just laughs and insists that she likes it.
    I have friends (28-29 years old) that really watch MTV shows, and love them. I know, grow up right?

  6. That's hard, I do experience that at times. The moment you face your computer and start working, you will realize that you're mentally block and nothing to write. What I do is, I sleep or I watch movies and later on, things pop up my mind. LOL. Weird.


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