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  • How come so many people that are in the medical field smoke? The smoker's corner is always full. I thought they were supposed to be promoting better health.
  • I always seem to be the initiator of keeping in touch with people. Last I checked email, text and phone calls go both ways. People tell you to keep in touch all the time but apparently it does not include them doing their part.
  • A great way to ward off hunger is to drink a huge glass of water and then brush your teeth. It really works and you suddenly lose your appetite.
  • What's up with all the people online telling you how you can make tons of extra income by selling organic juice, underwear that makes you lose weight and online secrets? They still have to keep a day job so where's all the money you made??
  • Underwear that makes you lose weight in 2 days????? No comment.
  • If I see someone spell the word some like "sum" I am going to lose it.
Okay, I'm done with my nonsense ;-)
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I have a friend that cant text for his weight in gold. I hate to text him because of how he shortens/rewrites words. The one that drives me up the wall and around the corner is his spelling of "cum" meant to be COME. Why must he do that?

  2. I am giggling over here! OH hey, I was just thinking and was just about to call YOU!!! :-)

    I AGREE 10000% with your list. YOU already know!

  3. hahaha thanks for making me laugh!

  4. the texting thing KILLS me! my mind shuts down when i get texts from people who think that garbage is cool. one guy just eliminates pretty much all the vowels when he texts/emails, so whenever i get a message from him, i just 'eliminate' trying to decipher that mess and delete it instantly.

    hehe my brother is an EMT in the military and i used to have this same question for him. thats like martha stewart buying take out everyday

    'sum', 'wat', 'tmrw', '2day', 'b4', and 'l8ter' should all be outlawed.

    love the randomness

  5. love the nonsense list, So is Dwanye teeth whiter than ever? lol
    Ps guity as charge. I will be calling

  6. I like your signature line at the end of your posts!

  7. I agree about alot of stuff you said but especially with the spelling. On facebook is the worst people spelling My mii and if I see one more 3 used for an e it drives me nuts lol!

  8. I'm going to try a HUGE glass of water and then brushing my teeth when I'm hungry for a snack. Thanks!


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