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Winter must-haves!

There are two items that my family simply can't live without during the winter weather months. First is the Carmex lip balm. This is a year around item that lives in my make-up kit at home, my make-up bag in my purse and one in the car. I LOVE this stuff! I am on their email list and they offered some 50 cents off printable coupons. I was able to print a few and used them at Kroger (since they double coupons up to 50 cents) so that gave me $1 off!!

The second item is the Aveeno lotion. Funny thing is it is all I have been using on William and Dwayne asked to borrow some the other day. He instantly blurted out all kinds of jabber to the effect of how great it feels to use something that makes your skin feel truly moisturized. He says he has been missing out on using real lotion all these years! Right now is offering a $2.00 off coupon. That is a great savings.

*I did not receive any compensation from this post of any type. These are just my opinions and views on products I purchase regularly.


  1. Pascha Dudley1/07/2010 5:41 PM

    Carmex is a must for us also...except we prefer the stick. It's awesome stuff!

  2. I've never tried the Carmex, but I've heard lots of great things about it. However, I learned about Aveeno products when Xavier was born! (13yrs ago) that was the only product I could use on him because he had eczema (sp) the body wash is also amazing. your hands always feel sooo soft and not greasy when using their lotion! great post...

  3. Carmex is the new crack! I keep trying other products and I relapse every time!

  4. Oh yes, thank you for the tips. I need to keep lip balm in a lot of places because it seems when I need it, I have to search for it. Ugh. I hate that.

    Oh....I am very proud of my brother for not barking about all this free advertising. Wait, I think I just heard him say "where's my endorsement money"??? LOL

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Hey!
    Carmex is good stuff, I like the smell and feel although I haven't used it in a long time. I like Aveeno's sunblock for your face because it doesn't feel all oily and make you breakout.. and cumulative sun damage is SERIOUS!!!

    Thanks for stopping by! I like your cute Mom blog.. there's so much to look at! I don't have any babies to blab about, YET! :)

  6. I love Carmex. I haven't tried Aveeno befor but I may pick it up the next time I go shopping. Thanks for the tip. The Mamalaw ladies mentioned you on their MOMTV show tonight. Are you planning on going to Blogalicious? BlogHer?

  7. Okay, for everyone that reads this blog. Can you believe SHE MENTIONED 2 PRODUCTS! I take a small vacation and Shelly just takes advantage with all this free advertising. Like the older folks say "When the dog's away the cat comes out to play". Well big dog is back so PR companies beware.

  8. Hubby loves and swears by carmex. I would love to see carmex add a little shimmer to their products, at least for the


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