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Jan 12, 2010

Glad there was no technology in my days of school

I was driving home this morning after dropping the girls off to school and thought about what school is like in this time and how different it is from my days. Back in my time when report cards came out I would buy myself a good few days to a week before I showed my parents mine. I would hope that none of the other people they worked with would mention that their kids got their report cards. That would be some very stressful days for me! Now in my kids' time, we can read the big flashing sign in front of the school that tells you the exact day report cards come out. You also get an automated call from your principal reminding you about report card day. I must not forget the lovely email reminder as well. Poor kids, they couldn't get away with what some of us could back in the day!

Another great parent tool we have is Parent Portal. This would vary depending on your district but it is a website that you can sign into to check your kids grades, absences and tardies. I have even set up to get emails each time teachers update my child's record with any information. This really keeps you informed and is a great deterrent for if they even think about cutting class. Lucky for me my kids come to me about their school related stuff but you never know if something can get left out on purpose. Boy oh boy am I ever so lucky that there was no real technology in my time!! I'm sure some of you agree ;-)


  1. Honey, if there was technology when I was in school I would have been in soooo much trouble! lol!More than I already was. Good post.

  2. I actually looked forward to report cards. :-) Except for the inevitable comments that I talk too much in class.

  3. LOL Shelly, I was such a geek that I couldn't wait for report card day.

  4. At my son's school we have I love it!

  5. Hehehe! The wonders of modern technology. The kiddies wont be getting *nothing* over on us now, eh? :-)

  6. I completely agree, although I never withheld my report card... well until I started skipping school. So yeah, I am grateful they didn't e-mail my mom when I didn't check into class

  7. Technology is a beautiful thing! We have nothing to worry about your girls doing anything off the wall. There are way too many eyes and they know HOMIE don't play that! LOL


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