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Jan 20, 2010

Family members and your blog

I was thinking about this the other day and I don't get it. How come I tell people that are related to me or close friends that if they want to see the latest photos of the family or want to know the recent goings on in the Ismail household that they can check the blog. Why in the world do I get the whole..."I don't have time for the blog thing" or "I don't know how to leave a comment". I have even gone and put "leave your comment here" to make it easier for those who claim it is too difficult to do. Of course my relatives ignore it and make excuses. I guess this is why I love my blog friends so much. It seems like strangers have more interest in your life that your own family. I know I can't be the only blogger that feels this way.

Do you find this to be a trend in your blog life?


  1. It's exactly the same for me. My online buddies totally read my blog, but Joey doesn't even notice when I post - and his name's in the darn thing! I always find it strange when people don't get the online thing since it's a part of my life, but I guess everyone is different. I have a new friend that just hates emailing, but calls me about twice a week. At first, I would always ask what he wanted, but he just wants to say hi. Maybe we should take our family's seemingly disinterest as a compliment as they really might just want some special one-on-one time with us!

  2. I have the same issue a lot of times.

  3. im right there with ya.

    mine pretty much only read when i tell them to check it out. although i actually get more texts about something ive posted from my non blogger buddies.

    kinda funny. im like why didnt you just post a comment? and they typically say something like you mentioned, 'i dont get how to do it' or something like that.

  4. I totally could have written this post. Omg, I find it sooo frustrating that family is so unsupportive of my blog. Yes, I said unsupportive. Although they wouldn't agree with that choice of words. Many do claim to read it (and I actualy do believe them) but, like I tell them, if you don't leave a comment, then how do I know you were there? You're nothing more than a voyeur/stalker (haha, I'm being extreme). But it's so annoying. Family are quick to ask me why they haven't received updated pictures of Chase, and so on, and I'm like, ummm, I am constantly puting updated pics of Chase on my blog, as well as updates about his latest going-ons. Its all on the blog! Read it! LOL!!! I definitely do feel like my online community knows more about my daily life than my own family, half the time. And it really is a shame.

  5. loves reading about the ismail family thank you for sharing your lives

  6. I imagine this could very easily be the case with my friends and relatives as well, if I were to tell 'em to check out my blog. Only my oldest daughter, my girlfriend and an older aunt who lives in Texas knows that I blog. They aren't as supportive as I would prefer.

  7. Those who don't blog, don't get it! ;)

  8. You already know how I feel about this topic. I have one better for you. How about when they read your blog, they want to call and tell you their comment. <<--- *DIAL TONE*

  9. I have told my family too, many times to check my blog to see pictures of the kids. My step mom constantly asks for specific pictures of the kids and which way the picture should be, horizontal, or vertical, 4 x 6 or 5 x 7, etc. She even asked for one of her and the kids the other day.. my silent response?- if I had any pictures with you in them, I throw them away, I know mean right? If you knew her you'd think the same.
    Weird how strangers do seem to care more than family. And seriously its not hard people!

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