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Nov 25, 2009

Things we love to hate

- I really don't like heights at all. Even a 3 step ladder makes me nervous. Yet I will gladly ride a roller coaster.
- I don't like coffee flavored anything but I love coffee.
- I don't care for bananas but love banana bread and banana splits.
- I'm not a fan of comedy yet I married Dwayne. Enough said on that one.
- I love craziness yet don't like chaos.
- I love sunshine but don't like being hot.
- I don't like peanuts but can tear up a peanut butter cup!
- The smell of maple syrup is not pleasing to me but I enjoy it on my waffles.
- I love make-up yet don't care to be too made-up.
- I love having my family around but don't like how much I eat when they are around.
- Dwayne does not like Lil Wayne yet he loves to recite every one of his songs. The songs get stuck in your head.
- Dwayne is a fool but does not stand for foolishness.

So what things do you love to hate??


  1. I love this post! Its so something I would list! Your crazy and its a great trait to have. Love you and hope your holiday is blessed with suffing but not being stuffed! LOL!

  2. Those are some very profound statements, especially @ - I love make-up yet don't care to be too made-up. and Dwayne is a fool but does not stand for foolishness. I agree.

    What do I hate? I hate that my Saints are 10-0 and certain NFL fans still say they are overrated. How? LOL.

    Enjoy your holidays as well.

  3. My grandmother loved guacamole, but she hated avocados, my husband hates sweet potatoes, but he loves the sausage and sweet potatoes dish I make once in a while. I hate cleaning, but I love a clean

  4. you're a funny girl. You don't care for comedy??

    I love peanuts, but don't want them in any of my food. Only peanuts, by themselves.

    I love going out to eat, but don't like paying for it ... doesn that count??


  5. I love sunshine too, but hate being hot, I get heatstroke in the shade :)
    I love my Jaimen, I hate when he's naughty
    I love the look of snow, I hate how cold it is.
    I love that I live next door to an elementary school, but hate the kids, and traffic

    I love comedy though, no hates on that one... I can't believe you don't care much for it :) You seem like a comedic family

  6. COMEDY!!!!!!----hahhaaaa!!!!!! why was darrin singing "duffle bag boy" in the car last week. i couldn't look at him without laughing.

    i LOVE banana pudding but, will pick out all the bananas.

  7. Hmm, good question. I can't think of anything but I love your list. How about - I am lactose intolerant but still love ice cream?

  8. Cute list!

    I'm with Renée. I'm LI but I can't stay away from cereal or egg nog. None of that soy crap for me.


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