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Black Friday anyone??

I am going to ask for your forgiveness if I commit any major grammar mistakes. I just got up from my after-shopping power nap. I went out there in the cold at 4 am. Dwayne came along too. We hit several stores and it was awesome! We got such great deals and "saved" over $500. I think because we stuck with necessities and not fun things we were able to maneuver around the stores and make our way out very easily. We had so much fun. The girls stayed home with the baby monitor so we had some freedom. We made it home by 6:40. I'm tired still but happy with my purchases. Just a heads up...look out for our upcoming 500th post. We've got something good going on. Stay tuned...


  1. You are CRAZY!! But if I had a list and knew what I needed I might have gone out too. That's alot of money to save, Woohoo for you guys!

  2. Girlfriend! Yes! We didn't get home last night til after 11pm from our festivities & had our alarm set for 330am this morning! My parents spent the night w/us to stay w/the kids this morning. B & I hit almost EVERY STORE W/AN AD! OMG! Didn't come home til lunch time! Got most of what we went after + a little more. :D
    We love doing this together every year! (I have such a good man!) ;) It's crazy, but we always have a blast! Glad you guys had fun, too!

  3. You were out shopping with your best friend in the entire world so, I know it was fun! He can find comedy in anything!


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